What's Included

All website packages include the following:

WordPress CMS

  • Feature and content rich pages
  • Multi-level navigation
  • Easy-to-navigate admin and editor
  • Custom theme development
  • 6 Content Pages
  • 1 Integrated lead form

Website Design

  • Market and Product Research
  • Website Planning and Strategy
  • Navigation and User Experience
  • Mobile Experience Optimization
  • Branding Integration
  • 6 Rounds of Revisions

Website Solutions, Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Understanding the requirements of a cost-effective project, we've curated comprehensive packages that provide you with all the essentials for an outstanding website, at a significantly lower cost compared to the competition.

Outlined below are numerous website options we offer which integrate the foundational components common to all sites, along with custom add-ons. The aim is to provide you with substantial savings on your final product.