Website Development Packages

You need a website to market yourself or your brand, act as your digital business card, build credibility, and be discoverable online.

What's Included

All website packages include the following:
WordPress CMS
  •  Design / feature / and content rich pages
  •  Multi-level navigation
  •  Easy-to-navigate admin and editor
  •  Custom theme development
  •  6 Content Pages
  •  1 Integrated lead form
Website Design
  •  Market and Product Research
  •  Website Planning and Strategy
  •  Navigation and User Experience
  •  Mobile Experience Optimization
  •  Branding Integration
  •  6 Included Rounds of Revisions
(1) SSL License
  •  Keep your site and your visitors safe
  •  Required for accepting online payments
  •  More trusted by browsers and search engines
Pagespeed Optimizations
  •  Before launching your site we will ensure the website receives the maximum available scoring possible in order to rank it’s highest on search engines.
QA Testing
  •  All sites built by us are tested to ensure it meets requirements of all browsers, mobile ready, and functioning from all ends.
YOU Own The Website
  •  Once development is completed fully, you own the website forever.
  •  If you want to leave our hosting we will provide you with all of the files and databases of your website as well as any special instructions.
Email Setup
  •  We’ll help you find and set up an email provider with your domain if you don’t already have one.
  •  If you already have one we’ll ensure that no outages happen during the launch of your site.
2 Hour Training
  •  We’ll sit down with you and anyone else via Google Meet or in person (if applicable) and train you on how to operate your WordPress website.
  •  Can be either 2 hours at once or two 1 hour sessions.
  •  Additional Training is available


If budget is your concern we've put together some great packages that give you all that you need to get a great site at a fraction of the cost of others.

Below are some website options we’ve put together that combine the base list of what’s included with all sites with add-ons to hopefully save you money on your final product. All prices are estimates and may not reflect the quote depending on the size of your project. Click get started to get your own quote!

Wiz Wit'out

  • Perfect starting point for small businesses that plan to grow. Everything you need for a comprehensive website to represent your company in one package.
  • Includes:
    • WordPress CMS
    • SSL License
    • Pagespeed Optimizations
    • QA Testing
    • Email Setup
    • 2 Hour Training
    • 1 Contact Form
    • Up To 6 Pages
    • 4 Hours of Graphic Design
Wiz Wit' Onions +

  • Recommended for larger projects with higher needs. Accommodates enough graphic design time for a logo and site design, and enough development hours for a handful of custom functionality.
  • Includes:


All of our websites come with what you need to get you started, but if you need a little extra, add-ons are available to fill the rest of your website needs.
SEO Quick Optimization2

Before launch go through all pages on site and optimizes titles, tags, metas, and images to ensure good rankings.

Additional Forms

We will gladly set up additional forms than what’s included in your website package for our hourly rate.

Advanced Forms

Forms can be expanded to use conditional logic, file upload or export capabilities, multi-part, email marketing integration, and/or payment processing through paypal, stripe, etc.

Ecommerce Integration

There’s a lot that goes into setting up an E-commerce store, and we will take care of it for you.

Content Writing

Content is the key to driving traffic. Our content specialists can help you create custom pages for your website that are conversational and informative.

Graphic Design

Logos, banners, slides, anything needed for your site. We have top of the line graphic designers that will put anything you can dream into reality.

Additional Pages

Content must be provided by the client or through paid content writing through us.

Additional Website Training

Sometimes 2 hours isn’t enough or perhaps you need to train a new employee.

  1. Each page only includes 2 hours of content organization and layout development, any time or changes over 2 hours each page is subject to being quoted and billed at our hourly rate.
  2. SEO is an investment marketing tactic. A quick optimization doesn’t promise results.

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