Small business owners in the Philadelphia area looking to obtain new customers or grow their current customer base should consider email marketing.

Although some people consider email “dead” – it still proves itself to be one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing communication today. But how do we know?

Well, we know that email continues to succeed in reaching today’s current audience. Seventy-three percent of millennials favor email communications from businesses while 99% of all consumers check their email every week.

In 2022 alone, small business owners who utilize email marketing have seen an overall increase in customer engagement. Emails have influenced the buying decision in 50% of their customer base, leading to more frequent sales.

If you’re not participating in an email campaign and wondering “what can I do to get started”, don’t worry! Philly Web Team is here to help. Continue reading to learn more about email marketing, the benefits it offers, and how our team can help you kickstart your next campaign.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers emails to your customers and helps drive traffic to other marketing sources. These sources can be your social media channels, website, or storefront.

Email allows you to reach consumers at any stage of the buyer journey and long after they’ve become a client. There are four main types of campaigns you can use to start, continue or increase customer engagement:

  • Newsletters
  • Acquisition Emails
  • Retention Emails
  • Promotional Emails

Newsletters are used primarily to create engaging content for your customers that support the value of your services or business. They also help build customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

If you have potential consumers that have opted in to receiving your emails but have expressed interest in your product or service, acquisition emails are great to use. These emails showcase the value of becoming a customer through attractive offers and informative content. They also assist in moving potential clients through the buyer funnel at a faster rate.

Promotional emails can help increase revenue from your current or potential customer base. They engage with customers by including offers to drive more sales, signups, or try new products and services.

We all know it takes more time, money, and effort to acquire a new customer than retain a current one. Retention emails help keep the lines of communication open between your business and current consumers. If you have a list of clients that haven’t interacted with your product or service for a while, retention emails can send offers or helpful information on your business to re-engage these clients and get them back to being active with current offerings.

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Unlike other marketing channels, email is very cost-effective and timely. The average ROI for these campaigns is 4200% or $42 generated for every $1 spent.

The benefits of email marketing for small business owners are:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Relationship building with current and potential customers
  • Engagement
  • Improving sales

If you’re not running any current email campaigns, Philly Web Team can help. We’re Philadelphia’s small business marketing agency specializing in email marketing, website creation, SEO, and CRO. If you’re searching for a team to help you start an email marketing strategy or take it to the next level, reach out to us today!